Performance Constructionisme by Old Masters

Old Masters kitas

Performance by Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi aka Old Masters at the National Gallery of Art on 7th of April, 5 pm.


With Constructionisme, Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi propose taking power over the social construction of reality. Before the public performance, they create study objects from scratch, giving them form in a radical perspective of "humble" arts. When the moment comes, Marius Schaffter presents, analyses and dissects the sculptures produced. Meticulous, erudite and passionate, he reconstructs the meaning that lies at the bottom - or on the surface - of these objects.

Old Masters is a young collective founded by Marius Schaffter and Jérôme Stünzi. Drawn by an aesthetic of derision, they undertake to deconstruct scientific and artistic discourse by evoking beauty and truth at the table of the mundane and the insignificant, while at the same time drawing from a solid reservoir of means and skills. Inspired by the pictorial compositions of old masters, and especially by their own readings of these works, they inscribe themselves lightly, both with their name and their practice, in the hopeful wake of these old masters. By putting equal emphasis on the inherent worth of the work and the context in which it is received, they methodically question the stage apparatus of which they take hold, be it in a museum, conference or stage context.

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Image by Penelope Henriod

2017 04 07

5 pm

Performance Constructionisme by Old Masters